How to play the Didgeridoo

Didgeridoo University of Central Australia
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Australian Indigenous issues

Australian Aboriginal Links
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Worldwide Aboriginal and Indigenous Links
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Action for Aboriginal Rights

Indigenous articles

Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation

Website of the European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights

Cape York Partnerships
A project negotiated between the Queensland Government and Aboriginal leaders of Cape York/ Noel Pearson: Team Leader/ Computer Culture Project

The Indigenous Almanac
Information about Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander issues and
historical events


Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra, Australia

Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Established in 1972. Info. Pix.

Oppose the celebrations of Federation
Press release

Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Aboriginal Tent Embassy
Old News articles on the Embassy


Aboriginal Studies

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies

The Internet Guide to Aboriginal Studies

Aboriginal English
Pidgins and Creoles in Australia

Stories of the Dreaming

Aboriginal Australia
Plant use

Magabala Books
An Indigenous Australian publishing house

Black Pages
Australia's first and only national on-line Indigenous Business and Community Enterprise Directory


Australian Aboriginal Media

Deadly Sounds: Radio show

National Indigenous 3 on 3 basketball and hip-hop challenge. “The Deadlys”: The Deadly Sounds Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Awards

Message Stick
TV/ Radio/ Links

Mary G
Cult Aboriginal DJ in Drag!

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association, Radio/ Music

Goolarri Media
Radio/ TV/ etc.


This site traces the ways Indigenous people have been represented in the media, and their struggle to establish their own presence in the Australian media landscape.

The Koori Mail
Australia's national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander newspaper


Anti -“New Age Swindle”

“Jangga Meenya Bomunggur”

(“The smell of the White Man is killing us”)

The House of Aboriginality
Copyright & cultural integrity issues in the merchandising of Aboriginal imagery

(German / Deutsch) The House of Aboriginality


Sites concerned with the misinformation contained in Marlo Morgan's
"Mutant Message Downunder" (Deutsch: "Traumfänger")

Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation

Campaign to combat the misinformation contained in Marlo Morgan's: "Mutant Message Downunder”

Morgan's Mutant Fantasy
A critique of Marlo Morgan's book

Another exclusive scoop from Rocket

Rocket’s main index page
Check it! A cool website!

News group comment on Marlo

Marlo Morgan Interview

Total ‘New Age Bullshit’ from the horse’s to speak!

(German /Deutsch) Mutant exposed: Marlo Morgan, Traumfänger
Marlo Morgan's Buch Traumfänger ist weder eine wahre Geschichte, noch basiert sie auf echten Erfahrungen des Lebens mit Aborigines

(German / Deutsch) Bauernfänger + Schaumschläger = Traumfänger
Gute Buchrezension und Veriss des "New-Age"-Schwindels